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M/s. Trans India Solutions, 59/6, 4th Cross Street
Ganga Nagar, Kodambakkam

600024 Chennai,



+91 9884 2046 22







Company presentation

Power MnC Co. Ltd., South Korea, established in the year 1997, has developed technologies in the field of physical measurement and structural safety. We are also Korea’s leading manufacturer of industrial measuring, control and condition monitoring system. We have successfully developed high-tech technologies such as Contact Type Shape Measuring System, Caster Strand Monitoring System, Multi-component Load Cells, Industrial Weighing System and R&D equipments including data acquisition system and analysis software.

Power MnC also provides professional test engineering and safety evaluation service for power plants, civil constructions, aircraft and automobiles etc. due to which, we have expanded the limit of measurement and control systems.

Our equipment, PSM-2000, POWER Shape Meter, is a high accuracy contact type shape measuring system for Aluminium Rolling Mills. It can show the final/actual shape of the rolled strip on processing line without time delay which can be used for feedback control of rolling press, that is, Automatic Flatness Control (AFC). It can show the quality of grade of rolled strip in terms of flatness unit, Steepness or I-unit.

Our customers include, POSCO – Korea, NSSMC – Japan, Bao Steel – China, CSC – Taiwan, SAIL – Rourkela, Bokaro, SMS-Demag, VAI, SPCO etc.

In addition to Shape Meter, we provide following equipments also:
- Roll Gap Checker for continuous casting process
- Portable Roll Gap Checker
- Mould Taper Measuring System
- Mould Oscillation Measuring System
- Magnetic Load Cell for Rolling Process Automation
- Strip Tension Control

Facilities for Nuclear Power Plant
- PLP  - Precision Load Positioning System
- COSAS – Crane Operation Safety Assurance System
- FHS – Fuel Handling System

National Standard Machine
- Force Standard Machine, Deadweight Type
- Force Standard Machine, Hydraulic Type
- Hardness Standard Machine, Deadweight Type
- Torque Standard Machine, Deadweight Type
- Torque Calibrator, for Torque Wrench, Torque Cell

Materials Testing System
- Impact Tester, Drop Type, Charpy, Horizontal Type
- Creep Machine, Automatic
- Thrust Measuring System

Transducers and Data Acquisition
- High-Tech Load Cell
- 6-Component Load Cell, External, Internal,
- Data Logger, Vibration & Waterproof




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