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Shenyang Tianxing Testing Instruments Co., Ltd. (2019)

No. 17-1 Wensu Street, Hunnan District

110168 Shenyang,










Company presentation

TX Testing Instruments is a professional manufacturer of portable hardness testers, founded in 1993, with 5.6 million registered capital and a self-built factory occupied 4,600m2.
TX has a talented researching team, which creates several brand new products in domestic markets.TX has been a technology leading company in portable hardness testers manufacturing all over the world.
TX original-designed patent product, Magnetic Digital Brinell & Rockwell Hardness Tester, world-first applies Rapid Indentation Brinell Hardness Test Method in portable hardness testers. It realizes the fast, accurate test and read values directly for Brinell hardness testing huge iron and steel parts. Our world-first Single Chuck Magnetic Digital Brinell & Rockwell Hardness Tester solves the world level problem in fast, accurate testing weld joints in oil drill pipe. The technology above is world leading.
"Creating Competitive Products" is TX's relentless pursuit. TX hardness testers are more superior to similar products in performance, accuracy and appearance because of fine product processing, strict quality management and reliable values transfer. The accuracy complies with the relevant regulations of ISO and ASTM standards.
TX hardness testers have provided many unprecedented ways of on-site, fast, accurate hardness testing metal materials and parts, especially on huge and super-huge work pieces. The instruments’ application in quality control of metal materials and heating products will promote the technology improvement of equipments manufacturing.




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