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CASTOOL Tooling Systems (2019)

2 Parratt Road

L9P 1R1 Uxbridge,

Canada, Ontario


001 905 852 0121


001 905 852 2300





Company presentation

Castool takes on the greatest challenges facing Die Casters and Extruders today. Our modular, system-based products, unmatched expertise and ability to create customized solutions for individual clients are industry-leading.

Many of Castool’s products, materials and processes are patented, and all Castool products promote energy conservation and are environmentally friendly. Our onsite service, integration and warranties are the best in the business.

Castool’s most important contribution is its introduction of the System Approach to production – that for any Die Casting or Extrusion process, no single component can be evaluated in isolation. Understanding how they interact is the key to improvement, and properly employed, this holistic approach invariably increases productivity.

The ultimate production system has all major interacting components designed and produced by the same supplier – providing the unique benefits of undivided responsibility. This is the Castool advantage.

Exco Technologies Limited, Castool’s parent corporation, is a multinational group of 17 companies with more than 6,600 employees. It is a major technology provider serving the extrusion, die casting and automotive industries in the global market. Castool Tooling Systems has 168 employees at its two locations in Canada and Thailand.




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