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Amer-Sil Ketex Private Ltd. (2019)

P.O. Jakpur, Rupnarayanpur
NH – 06 & NH – 60 Junction

721301 Kharagpur,










Company presentation

Aluminum is Sustainable Metal for Future
We help in its distribution.
Designing, weaving & coating a fabric does not make ii a distribution bag in Sheet Ingot Casting. It needs a technology to do it.
Amer-Sil Ketex Pvt. Ltd. (‘AS-KETEX’), is Joint Venture Company that specializes in manufacturing technical textiles from various new generation man-made yarn. We manufacture various products for the automobile industry, electrical insulation, molten metal filtrations for aluminium industry, filter fabrics for boiler houses, high temperature applications for up to 1000°C and components of lead acid batteries. The components that we manufacture for lead acid batteries include Tubular Bags both woven and non-woven, PVC Silica Separators and certain plastic components.

We are the largest manufacturer of Tubular bags in India and Bangladesh, producing 250 million linear meters of tubes annually from our plants in Kharagpur, Gagret & Bengaluru in India and Dhaka in Bangladesh. The company has its own facilities of the most modern weaving units processing and coating of fabrics with various polymers and resin systems. For specialized applications, work is undertaken from the design stage by our company’s personnel and R&D. Our team of engineers and consultants are always available, not only for problem resolution but for innovative product development and new design.




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